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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Switzerland tide shop Plus 41 Air Max I cooperate with Nike shoes shown in Fig shoes in black, grass green and white dotted, very special. The most striking is the tongue using the "Eye" Logo Nike Swoosh replace the previous pattern, the same is true on the insoles, heel will have '41' numbers depict. Other currently no product announcement.Air Jordan XXX "Black" is expected to be on sale in April 16, 2016, initially priced at $200. Known as the Air Jordan XXX earth strongest boots, also in the NBA stadium has been recognized. so, here comes the question. Do you think the primary color is good or black? 2012-8-23 09:00 upload download attachment (144.41, KB) Nike Air Foamposite version of the "psychic boy" has become the new hope this year must get hot shoes and customized version will not give up its theme designer to launch new shoes to the custom designer SmoothTip with "psychic boy" is inspired by the classic Nike LeBron 9 shoes, launched a new design the new "ParaDunkman", this kind of shoes are mainly black color, with the light patterns and colors to decorate the shoe body, at the same time collocation Cheap jordans online green fluorescent signature LOGO Swoosh, tongue, followed by Dunkman Logo and the crystal color midsole and outsole decorative embellishment, dark Swoosh and Dunkman followed by Logo also issued a luminous the effect of cold. This was the creative detail that Nike Air Foamposite did not expect before the psychic boy. 2012-8-23 09:00 upload and download attachments (104.71 KB) 2012-8-23 09:00 upload and download attachments (96.12 KB) 2012-8-23 09:00 upload and download attachments (109.3 KB) 2012-8-23 09:00 upload and download attachments (103.65 KB) 10.Deep recently for the autumn and winter this year for the new series VCTRY release "Group". This season the New York brand launched the re interpretation of the classic theme and international sports items. Lightweight windproof clothing, even cap jackets, pullovers, Hoodie and sweatpants all maintained movement style, also presents the flag, and a series of international sports theme consistent form. The bright orange and dark blue, grey and white and other miscellaneous embellishment in pastel shades on. The VCTRY series is coming to the fall of 2015 brand online store, at the same Retro jordans for sale time can enjoy the 10.Deep 2015 winter series first wave. source: HYPEBEAST Ganso Street brand stussy recently brought 2015 winter series of the latest single product, which covers the T-shirt up to dozens of single product. In addition to the trademark "SS" logo, world tour design and style of graffiti, designers also from the 90s psychedelic style painting inspiration, bring a variety of avant-garde design t-shirt, as for the use of tie dye elements, has further enriched the collocation of this autumn and winter streets of choice. New Stussy 2015 autumn and winter series has now officially landed in our HBX, like a friend must not be missed! source: HBXBrewed wine people know, take the snake and soaked in wine, with ginseng and other fine herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, but the concept of tonic. the west, we don't know much about the snake and the wine, but there is one person who integrates the two. Kobe effect is still constantly spreading, like a fine wine, waving incense, floating floating, floating over the entire manor. from the black mamba to Vino, but also reflects the Kobe occupation career stages of their differe cheap air jordans online nt view. In fact, Kobe for the first ten years of occupation career wearing No. 8 foot adidas shoes is very disdain, he thinks the number 24 himself is the most glorious peak story, but No. 8 Kobe but feel more real. also in Kobe's retirement on the occasion, Kobe's shoes brand owner Adidas launched Vino Pack, this pair of shoes is taken from Kobe the nickname Nike fade to black although not suit so unpopular, but from the appearance, you can think of to do quite authentic "". Kobe by walking a fine line, you may feel not kind, and cigar creative in the Nike LeBron series Air Jordan CC set the cork and wine has been used, but put aside these external factors, it is very worth pondering goloshes. the tongue is another highlight, Nascita is the Italian "born", meaning Kobe spent his childhood in the Apennine Peninsula, grape pattern below Nascita word, on behalf of the Italy Wine superb technology. Converse has expressed the originality and spirit of "Made by , you" in a special exhibition and interactive presentation at the recently concluded Shanghai strawberry music festival. Chinese mainland famous bands, including collapsar new Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale pants, the Houhai sharks, remoulds the statue the right, and the hedgehog, rotating bowling members will own Converse All Star shoes fans show in front of people feel the shoes behind the music, more to stimulate the spirit of young people unlimited creativity and self expression. 's rights to rebuild statues in the Converse experience zone, the band's East China and Zhang watch, also brought an unexpected performance from the unseen ONE-OFF-JAM. In addition, Liu Kun Di Kuai frontman using toy phone, bell readily soundable items, together with a guitar and a sound effect device, combination of visual and auditory double enjoy fun. Two special shows not only the audience zero distance contact strawberry on the stage of the band members, are presented in the conventional experimental stage can never see a show for everyone, the original performance, with freedom, in the Converse arena with a infinite creativity.Since the Kanye West switch to Adidas camp, is always the focus topic shoes circle between Yeezy and Jumpman, Nike, and as ye do to usher in success, spicy collocation and "Facts" speech song, "Yeezy Jumped Up The Jumpman lyrics" cau jordan shoes online sale sed an unprecedented crisis, media and the game player the hot degree is high. Nike official has not taken a positive response in the face of Kanye provoke disputes, but some Jumpman friendly singers began through a variety of ways to attack, such as Wiz Khalifa which relate to past personal grudges, both directly in the Twitter. Therefore, for Yeezy, as can be imagined, or Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa will not accept any good attitude, including the Monkey Kicks website video interview on the day before, the host asked him to Yeezy can go beyond Jumpman, giving a very straightforward response "no, impossible, forever, not Air Jordan there is no shake, he is not the same as the Chuck Taylor classic obsolete. "In addition, when the host picked up a pair of Boost Yeezy 350" Moonrock ", Khalifa Wiz said:" I can't hold it, you know I can't touch it. But this part of the band is obviously still with some personal emotions. ; AnyShare Source:solecollectorshare to:For Reebok Question's 20th anniversary joint projects just by hand, Stockholm's famous shoe ball day before Sneakersnstuff and immediately find Adidas to launch a new round of joint design work. Cheap air jordans for sale The two sides back to the selection of D Rose Primeknit for the 7 popular shoes design prototype, Primeknit knitted material by grey shoe body through which, supplemented by green decorative details, lining and SNS Logo by a yellow decoration, finally carrying Boost slow epicenter bottom closure. sns-adidas-d-rose-7-primeknit-4.jpg (109.56 KB, download times: 3) download attachment SNS, x, Adidas, D, Rose, 7, PrimeknitUpload 09:20 2016-11-26 sns-adidas-d-rose-7-primeknit.jpg (375.63 KB, download times: 5) download attachment SNS, x, Adidas, D, Rose, 7, PrimeknitUpload 09:22 2016-11-26 sns-adidas-d-rose-7-primeknit-2.jpg (107.58 KB, download times: 2) download attachment SNS, x, Adidas, D, Rose, 7, PrimeknitUpload 09:20 2016-11-26 sns-adidas-d-rose-7-primeknit-3.jpg (109.37 KB, download times: 5) download attachment SNS, x, Adidas, D, Rose, 7, PrimeknitUpload 09:20 2016-11-26 sns-adidas-d-rose-7-primeknit-1.jpg (123.32 KB, download times: 2) download attachment SNS, x, Adidas, D, Rose, 7, Primeknit 2016-11-26 09:20 uploads , SNS, Adidas, D0 from the relevant department, Huida fashion and Fashion Co. Ltd. Fumao record 590 million yuan of output value last year. As with Huida fashion, fashion Fumao, overseas Chinese funded enterprises play an important role in the industrial economy in Hanjiang District of Putian City, especially the LED protagonist in the billion enterprise in". According to the District Economic and Trade Bureau of statistics, in 2006 the total output value of 100 million yuan enterprise 53, a year-on-year increase of 14, a value of 15 billion 100 million yuan, of which overseas funded enterprises accounted for 42, the output value of 12 billion 700 million. Hanjiang in Fujian province is the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, in recent years, the hometown advantage and give full play to increase investment, improve the investment in Industrial Park Based on the Putian high tech Zone as a platform to do everything possible to introduce overseas, Taiwan industrial projects settled, and industrial projects to completion of production for China "" and to foster the development of new scale industrial enterprises. In the past three years, included in the Hanjiang District track inspection of 200 key construction projects, there are 80% overseas Funded Industrial projects. in the area of industrial projects to pull boost billion enterprise "Tim" at the same time, the district actively guide overseas funded enterprises through the implementation of technical innovation and industrial clusters to build "strong body". In recent years, the funds invested by the overseas Chinese and Taiwanese enterprises in the region are at least RMB 800 million yuan annually, including 916 million yuan in 2006, and more than 80% of the scale enterprises have joined the ranks of technological transformation. The technical transformation of overseas Chinese and Taiwanese enterprises in this area has changed to the mode of independent innovation, and large-scale enterprises have built their own technology centers, which greatly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Sunway electronics in Putian, Hongkong, Shenzhen has a technology center, Putian technology center has only a calculator and game products, mobile phone products, COG / TAB screen module products such as the six major categories of product development, the average every day to develop a new product last year Xinwei electronic output has reached 880 million yuan, Fujian province has become the industry leader in electronic. Technological transformation has made the region's overseas Chinese, Taiwan funded billion yuan constantly bigger and stronger, the current annual output value of more than 300 million yuan, there are 15 enterprises. in the investment process, Hanjiang District also careful planning, introduce and cultivate a group can provide supporting downstream projects for the existing advantages of overseas Chinese funded enterprises, to help them build a distinctive and close links, promoting industrial cluster ability. Taiwanese enterprise in Lai Fung shoes, new shoes, shoes, fruit Fu Hanjiang shoes, shoe-making enterprises as the leading shoe Venus now led the three hundred or four hundred Putian shoes, shoe mold and other supporting enterprises, has led a big scale industry in large enterprises, shoe manufacturing industry last year to create a value of 6 billion 420 million yuan. The Taiwan yong'en group to create the "Daphne" brand fashion shoes last year in domestic sales exceeded 1 billion 700 million yuan. (editor in chief: admin)